The Greatest Balloon Party!


SpongeBlob’s Balloon Party …  £180 for 90 minutes

“Spongeblob provided the entertainment at our son’s 5th birthday party this morning & oh my goodness, it was all absolutely fantastic! Games, magic & balloons which kept the kids engaged every minute. They all loved it & went home with fabulous balloons.”   Sarah, Solihull

The Greatest Balloon Party is a circus themed non-stop fun party package. The party starts with the Greatest Balloon Show, where the balloons perform the tricks (with a little help from Scarletta SpongeBlob and a lot of help from the audience!) Every audience helper gets a deluxe balloon, with the birthday child winning the biggest and best balloon at the end of the show.

And then it’s time for the balloon games, ranging from Balloon Animal Races to Balloon Basketball.  Most are non-competitive but there are a couple where the children will be competing against the adults! Finally, SpongeBlob will twist balloon animals for the party guests.  If the majority of the children are over age 5, then SpongeBlob will teach them how to twist their own balloon swords in a mini Balloon Twisting Workshop. The children will be so tired by the end of this 90 minutes package they will be happy to be able to sit down and enjoy their birthday food and cake!

This 90 minute package is suitable for children age 3 and up, and all you need to provide are the guests and some space!

Call or text 07969 927262 to book.