Unicorn Socks knitting pattern

IMG_0544OK, so this post is not about parties as such, but who doesn’t love a unicorn?  I mean, flamingoes are cool, and it’s rumoured that llamas will be the next big thing, but we all know that the unicorn is the real king of the castle, don’t we?  They certainly feature in a lot of the parties I atten, which is why I offer numerous unicorn face painting and balloon designs!

19399692_1364694056950096_7889290243427655165_nI wanted to make my daughter some unicorn socks because she just loves unicorns (see picture left for proof!) and she won’t be 10 forever.  I couldn’t find the pattern I wanted anywhere so, like the Little Red Hen, I decided to make my own!

The good news is, my daughter LOVES these socks, even if they are way too long in the foot!  The even better news is, I’ve turned my back-of-the-envelope jottings into a knitting pattern and you can have it for free!  If there are errata (and I need to warn you: there will be errata!) just let me know (nicely, please!) and I’ll fix the pattern and repost it.  This is the link to the PDF on OneDrive.  I’m not completely fluent in OneDrive yet so let me know if you have access issues and I’ll try and help.   Happy knitting!



  1. Hi,
    I would love to make these socks but am unable to download pattern from link.
    Can you please help?
    Wendy Le Lievre

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